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Company Foundation

The HRA Pharma Foundation was established in 2012, to reinforce our historical corporate social responsibility commitment and further promote and support the implementation of programs and activities primarily in the area of women’s health.
Our dream is to foster young girls’ and women’s access to education, reproductive health and the arts across the world.


Across the world, some 39 million girls are not enrolled in school, while two thirds of the one billion illiterate adults are women (UN, 2000). It has been well established that as the female education rate rises, fertility, population growth and infant and child mortality fall and family health improves. We focus on providing educational opportunities to girls and women worldwide.

Types of Projects supported by the foundation:
•    Financial support to build schools and to hire professors and teachers (Sub Saharan Africa).
•    Consultant support for educational projects (Sub Saharan Africa).
•    Vocational training for teenagers and young women (Sub Saharan Africa and Asia).

Reproductive health

Worldwide an estimated 215 million women* who would prefer to delay or avoid childbearing do not have access to modern methods of family planning. Dreaming to meet this need would reduce unintended pregnancies, unsafe abortion and maternal deaths. Through our initiatives, we dare to expand and share women’s access to safe, effective and modern methods of contraception and reproductive health services.
*Sources :

Types of Projects supported by the foundation:
•    Financial support to a contraceptive implant access program (Sub Saharan Africa).   
•    Education program dedicated to teenagers: Contraception, Sexual Education and sexually transmitted diseases (Europe, Latin America).
•    Access to contraception and emergency contraception.

HRA Pharma Foundation provides support to the private sector to contract with international organizations for the supply of drugs at social prices with the guarantee that companies involved will work according to United Nations Global Compact Principles.

To increase availability of high quality IUDs (IntraUterine Devices) in developing countries, HRA Pharma will donate 25 000 IUDS  to IPPF (International Planned Parenthood Federation) over a three-year period.  
To date, IUDs have been delivered in: Bangladesh, Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Kyrgyzstan, Morocco, Nepal, Pakistan, Syria and Vietnam.

The arts

Recognizing that art and culture play a vital role in promoting social development, we support projects exploring critical issues that impact women, promote empowerment, raise public awareness and inspire actions at all levels.

Types of Projects supported by the foundation:
•    Partnership with Association network to support young African Artist.
•    Support artistic project aiming to raise women’s issues in a given environment (Europe, Sub Saharan Africa).

To submit a project

The HRA Pharma Foundation welcomes projects from private individuals or organizations.

To be selected, projects should meet the following criteria:
•    Be sustainable and locally implemented,
•    Be aligned with HRA Pharma Foundation key missions,
•    Have tangible results.

Instructions for submitting a proposal are contained in the RFP

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