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Our strategy

From the beginning, HRA Pharma has dared to put innovation and people empowerment at the center of its model for growth. We have worked closely with a network of talented partners to bring a range of added value treatments and services to market, in areas of otherwise unmet medical needs - with a dozen products launched to date and ambitious projects in the pipeline, including innovative Rx-to-OTC switches.

We have dared to promote and develop a sustainable growth strategy, in pursuit of our mission to empower people throughout the world, to improve their lives by developing accessible, added value self-care solutions. We flourish by sharing our commitment with partners to continuously nourish our ever-expanding product portfolio.
Our skills in understanding customers insights and identifying the best science and the finest companies to partner with mean we continue to grow our portfolio of truly innovative and added value products and continue to empower people all over the world.
Our fast-growing geographical footprint supports our ambition to capitalise on our European market knowledge and develop our structure to adapt to future challenges and opportunities worldwide.

The secret of our success

We have proven operational ability, driven by a highly experienced management team with in-depth knowledge of local market needs ; first-hand knowledge of specific regulatory contexts around the world and extensive experience in product lifecycle management.
Our focus on innovative and value added consumer healthcare products enables us to empower consumers throughout the world to improve their lives. Our innovations are supported by a dynamic sales and marketing team and our product pipeline enables us to constantly evaluate innovative approaches and market opportunities in order to bring new products to market.
Thanks to our talented teams we are constantly fine-tuning our growth strategy, adapting our go-to-market strategy, strengthening our brands’ equity and expanding the scope of the opportunities that we are strongly positioned to win and develop.


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