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Our story

« It has always been a dream of mine to fulfill unmet medical needs so often overlooked by pharmaceutical laboratories; a primary area of interest being women’s health and endocrinology. As a result, myself and key partners dared to invest personal funds to embark on achieving this goal – and so our story began. Today, I am proud of what this company has become. It is a dynamic and fast-growing company, rich in accomplishments with a proven track record of success in introducing innovative medicines that make a difference to people’s health. The products that HRA Pharma develops and distributes, in an ever increasing number of countries, enable people to benefit from accessible, added value self-care solutions and effective therapeutic options and services that improve their lives. »

Dr André Ulmann, Founder

A physician at the renowned Necker Hospital in Paris, France, André Ulmann started HRA Pharma in 1996 following an esteemed career as a pharmaceutical company executive. He was the company’s CEO from inception until 2009.

From Dream to Dare

During the first few years of business Dr. Ulmann built up a small team of professionals in Paris who pioneered HRA Pharma’s first product - a dedicated progestin-only emergency contraceptive pill. Launched in France in 1999, it was approved for marketing throughout Europe one year later. This product generated such strong interest from a public health perspective that the French authorities immediately enacted policy to make it widely accessible to patients. As a result, it became the first hormonal contraceptive product to be made available without prescription and the first to be made available free of charge to under 18 year olds.

In the following years, HRA Pharma has developed its expertise in the therapeutic fields of women’s health and endocrinology and become particularly experienced in emergency contraception, uterine fibroids and rare endocrine disorders such as Cushing’s syndrome and advanced adrenal cortical carcinoma. The company, together with its strategic partners, has discovered, developed, registered and launched a number of innovative products including a new emergency contraceptive and a novel therapy for uterine fibroids.

From Dare to Share

Today, HRA Pharma is an innovative OTC-focused and rapidly growing company, with direct operational presence in 11 European countries and partnerships that have extended its products’ availability to over 90 countries.

Our ambition for the years ahead is to become one of the fastest growing global consumer healthcare companies, empowering people throughout the world to improve their lives by developing accessible, added value, self-care solutions.

From 1996 until today
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