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Championing academics

The importance of science and research at grassroots level cannot be overstated. The future of healthcare and innovating effective, safe treatments, are dependent upon the success of scientists to come.
By getting behind young scientists, HRA Pharma demonstrates that business can make a positive difference, not only to the future of a country and its young people but to the healthcare industry as a whole.

That is why we sponsor scientists for the duration of their PhD thesis, providing funding for themselves and their labs and mentoring by senior HRA scientists.
This support reinforces the exchange between public research institutes and the private sector and contributes to the overall global innovation process.

How our sponsorship program works

Research scientists overseeing a particular thesis are invited to contact HRA Pharma to submit a project and request support.
We also work closely with the French National Association of Technical Research (ANRT), a non-profit organization at the crossroads between public research and industry.

Since 2001, we have sponsored 8 young researchers.
Their work has generated more than 15 peer-reviewed publications as well as multiple patents and presentations at international scientific conferences.

Projects supported

We are currently supporting three doctoral research projects in France:
•    University Pierre et Marie Curie – Research Director. Pierre Buffet. Research theme: Malaria  
•    University Paris Sud, Kremlin Bicêtre  – Research Director. Marc Lombès. Research theme: Adrenal cortical carcinoma
•    University Paris Sud, Kremlin Bicêtre, and University Pierre et Marie Curie –  Research Directors  Dr. Hugues Loosfelt and Pr. Nathalie Chabbert-Buffet . Research theme: Breast cancer

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