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Partnering / Active alliances

We value and respect all our partners

It is our privilege to count among our partners public and private institutions, healthcare professionals, the scientific community, other pharmaceutical companies and service providers. Recognizing the valuable role each of them plays in our business, we strive for open and honest communication, constructive relationships, and fair and ethical management policies.

We currently have a strong network of over 50 partners worldwide.

  • HRA Pharma has partnered with prestigious pharmaceutical companies in the context of local and regional product development and/or marketing agreements. Our partners include: Abdi Ibrahim, Bristol-Myers-Squibb, Chiesi, Watson Pharmaceuticals, Gedeon Richter, Aska Pharmaceutical, Takeda, PregLem, Sandoz, Sosei, ...
  • In addition, we collaborate with non-governmental organizations and local authorities to promote improvements in women's health in Africa, Asia and Latin America.
  • Finally, HRA Pharma also partners for its R&D projects with private and public research and development institutions that share with us the commitment to target and tackle therapeutic gaps in healthcare.