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Social Commitment / Social Marketing

In 2012, the company established the HRA Pharma Foundation, a company’s foundation which mission is to fostering access to reproductive healthcare, education and the arts for women across the world.

Today, thousands of women benefit from the multiple initiatives we have launched with HRA Pharma and the HRA Pharma Foundation all around the World. The programs we support aim to increase access to relevant information, services and opportunities for girls and women across the world. The foundation works in conjunction with a wide range of local and international organizations, to support women's empowerment around the globe...
Our range of activities includes, but is not limited to, the following activities:

Social marketing programs

HRA Pharma has teamed with several local and international NGOs, to facilitate access to emergency contraception for women on low incomes, or who live in remote areas. This has been made possible thanks to HRA Pharma's guarantee to supply high quality products at very low prices on a long term basis. HRA Pharma's support also includes training activities and most of the time, the donation of a first batch of products in order to initiate a sustainable process.


We have developed patient information leaflets - in the form of cartoons - to enable women with low levels of literacy in developing countries to understand how to use emergency contraception. HRA Pharma has actively contributed to the development of these leaflets and has collaborated closely with NGOs to test and validate the information provided in the countries where the products are sold or provided free of charge.

Education and change of behavior

HRA Pharma has had high levels of success in registering emergency contraception in countries where there have been many social, political or religious obstacles to registering the products. Thanks to our efforts, emergency contraception is now available to millions of women who might otherwise not have had access to this type of product.